Using mobile phone while driving? Police can now confiscate your phone, not just vehicle!

Using mobile phone while driving? Police can now confiscate your phone, not just vehicle!

Despite more and more stringent rules being applied by the traffic police across India, the country still records one of the highest numbers of road deaths with the figure growing year-on-year. Even more so, when you consider the percentage part of these road accidents that occur due to riders/drivers being occupied on the phone. A large part of this can be accredited to our own indiscipline when it comes to road use. As a result, law-enforcement agencies are forced to find new and innovative ways to punish offenders, as one bike-rider in Uttarakhand found out. The rider was busy on his cell phone while riding his motorcycle and also without a helmet. The police spotted Gaurav riding oblivious of his surroundings, resultantly, running two red lights Once they did catch him, however, instead of confiscating his driving license or his vehicle, the police promptly seized his cellphone for 24 hours.

Uttarakhand Traffic police intend to make an example of the rider to ensure that others don’t follow suit, and have filed for a cancellation of the rider’s driving license as well. We think this is the right step, considering that this might be the only way to ensure that this dangerous habit is stopped. The news comes just three days after Nainital High Court authorised that those found speaking on mobile phones anywhere in Uttarakhand will now have their devices confiscated by the police for at least 24 hours after issuing a valid receipt.

In our opinion, the Uttarakhand high court has the right idea and we feel like this is one law that should be implemented across the country. 24 hours without your cell phone is one thing that will always remind you to stay off your phone while driving. Losing your driving license or it being suspended will also lead to hassles such as going to the court and more.

It is only through such strict and impactful decisions that India can lower the accident rate, which is atrociously high. Even our fatality rate is among the highest in the country and the main reasons for this is lack of traffic sense and ineffective law implementation. In this case in Uttarakhand, we’re sure the rider has got enough sense for life as the rules were properly implemented.

Source:- financialexpress